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Music! Its Role and Importance In Our Lives, Student Edition


20 Reasons Why Music Is Important In Education

So, whether you listen to Beethoven or Marilyn Manson, Louis Armstrong or Arctic Monkeys, your daily dose of music is what keeps you going. There can be as many answers to the question, why is music important, as there are people on the planet, as the answer will always be personal and subjective.

Music is very important in my life because it helps me feel relaxed. I am a person who stresses over thing or thinks to much about one specific thing. Music helps me relieve the stress and relaxes me. When I listen to music, I tend to not worry about other things on my mind. That's why music is important to me.

Why Music Is Important: The Experience

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Forget the scientific studies and cognitive research that has been done on the numerous benefits of music or how the different music types affects us. Take your own example. Why is music important in our lives? We have music that we relate to for every occasion. From the sound that wakes us up in the morning to the song we listen to when our heart breaks or we are in the doldrums. We have exercise music and on-our-way-to-work music.
Life without this music would leave us kind of lost, unsure, and probably incapable of venting our emotions. Music touches our soul, and allows us to express different moods and emotions. And seriously, life without music would be, well, boring.

The most important question that needs to be asked is why is music important in schools? Several studies have shown how music enhances life. According to the Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report, released in 1999, students in secondary schools who had participated in some form of band or orchestra were less prone to indulge in substance abuse. Also more students who performed music or took classes in music appreciation and related subjects scored high marks on SAT as compared to their other classmates. In fact many colleges believe that an active interest in the arts and music broadens a student's mind and allows him or her to appreciate the world more. It contributes heavily to the social and intellectual growth of student.