Music in High Places - Collective Soul (Live from Morocco)


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Music in High Places will also serve as the launch pad for a broad-based domestic and international entertainment franchise featuring a wide array of spin-off/cross promotional products and services such as branded books, CDs, videos, clothing, educational tools, travel packages and more. A portion of the proceeds from these items will support the work of The GRAMMY Foundation. The project is also intended to raise awareness for the need to preserve some of Earth's endangered sites as designated by the United Nations' UNESCO.

Adds Jock Weaver, Chairman, CEO, and President of TBA Entertainment Corporation: "TBA has a long and successful history of linking the business community with the creative community to produce some of the largest, most successful communications and entertainment programs in the world. Music in High Places possesses the greatest level of integrity and represents the very best of the corporate community and creative community coming together to turn creative concepts into artistic realities that benefit us all, leave lasting legacies and help each group reach and achieve their very worthwhile goals and objectives."


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    Observes Michael Greene, President/CEO of The Recording Academy(R) and President of the GRAMMY Foundation: "Music in High Places fundamentally embodies the philosophy of the GRAMMY Foundation's Leonard Bernstein Center for Learning(R) which positions the arts at the center of all learning. The Music in High Places series provides a perfect bridge between the arts and geography, history, and language arts, with celebrated musical artists serving as guides to encourage student participation in these expeditionary learning adventures. We're delighted to provide teachers and students with the opportunity to explore the television experiences as a guidepost to learning about world culture."

    In order to create and produce the series, three independent companies have joined forces: Three-time Grammy winning Tall Pony Productions; TBA Entertainment (NASDAQ:TBAE), one of the industry's top entertainment and communications corporations; and leading cause-related entertainment event, media and marketing firm Innovative Media Productions. Music in High Places is the brainchild of independent producer and marketing executive Parvene Michaels of Innovative Media Productions. Anthony Eaton of Tall Pony Productions, Marc Oswald and Brian Murphy of TBA Entertainment and Michaels will serve as executive producers of the series.