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Zemaitis Music Store, Ochanomizu Gakki Center, Tokyo

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Compition Music Store in Ft. Worth, TX

After so many years, your family’s piano might require a more detailed restoration to keep a tune. Or perhaps you’d like to buy a weathered piano and have it restored for your home. At Bruce Music Store, we’ve restored everything from nine-foot concert grands to square grand pianos built in the 1800s. We can make nearly any piano look and play like new again.

Aside from piano work, Bruce Music Store sells and rents a variety of musical instruments from guitars to drums to marching band instruments. And if you’re looking for lessons, we offer referrals to music teachers in the Oklahoma City metro. Contact us with your music needs, and we’ll be happy to help.

DC Music Store "The Musician's Store"

  • Zemaitis Music Store, other brand guitars, Ochanomizu Gakki Center, Tokyo

  • DC Music Store 15765 State Route 170 East Liverpool, Ohio 43920

    At JC Music, we make musicians! Our goal is to make music accessible to anyone with an interest in any musical instrument, by providing affordable quality instruments and instruction. We strive to make music an integral part of each person’s life. Each staff member at JC Music is a musician, too, and there is nothing we like better than meeting and talking with other musicians. JC Music’s staff has been known for the past twenty-three years as the friendliest music store around.

    Cost of course is always an issue. Guitars can be bought for as little as $100 to thousands and thousands. If you are just starting out, you don’t want the cheapest and the expensive won’t be worth it at this point. Cheap guitars can be frustrating to play, sound horrible, won’t stay in tune, need repairs etc. High end guitars have subtle qualities that set them apart and at this point those subtleties won’t be noticed by you. Guitars in a music store can be much more expensive than if you purchase one from say Craigslist or ebay.