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MyReputation is a paid service of the Internet privacy company . It provides monthly, DeepWeb searches for user data information that does not appear on . MyReputation sends a monthly report with this information to each customer. MyReputation’s services require a monthly or yearly subscription plan. This cost also includes personalized assistance about keeping your identity safe and respected on the Internet and access to MyReputation’s “Destroy” service for an additional cost.

Included in your membership at no additional cost, MyReputation® Discovery helps monitor your online reputation by doing a comprehensive search of the web to locate any of your personal information.

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    To cancel your MyReputationDiscovery membership, login to . Click on the Manage My Subscriptions link. Locate the MyReputationDiscovery product and click Cancel then follow the instructions provided. For step-by-step instructions to cancel MyPrivacy, please visit . If you change your mind, you can always renew your registration at .

    Interview met Marcel Olislagers, initiatiefnemer van MyReputation

    “Zzp’ers zijn de smeerolie van de economie. Daarom verdienen ze overal en altijd goede ondersteuning voor hun eigen branding.”Vanaf 2011 werkt Marcel Olislagers aan een oplossing in the cloud om zzp’ers en/of vakkrachten bij intermediairs te helpen bij hun online positionering en het binnenhalen van nieuwe opdrachten.