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Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers

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Narcissistic Mothers, Characteristic #8

2. You cannot make a decision. Narcissistic Mothers dictate how a child should act or feel. She controlled you and any decisions to be made. She didn't let go and allow you to make your own mistakes whilst acting as a safety net when you needed it. She threatened you with her way or the highway, albeit in an underhanded way. As an adult you find it difficult to be autonomous and know what you want from life.

3. You have a 'Prince' or 'Princess' personality. Narcissistic Mothers have to be the center of attention at all times. She was the 'needy' one of the family and expected the rest of the family to wait on her and fill up her emptiness. As a consequence you never received the approval you were desperate for. As an adult you look to others to fulfill your needs and take care of you.

Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers


4. You've got no idea how you feel. And you have trouble expressing your feelings. A child's life with a narcissistic Mother is like tip toeing through a wilderness of wild animals. Expressing feelings was dangerous and got you into trouble. And, to this day, you're not sure why. But now you're an adult, you're unable to identify your feelings. You don't trust yourself enough to express them just in case you get it wrong.

1. You fear your Mother's disappointment. Narcissistic Mothers live their lives through the lives of their children's successes. She ignored what you actually needed preferring to satisfy her own needs through you. She tried to control every aspect of your life to ensure your success and then let it reflect back on her. And, if you didn't achieve the success that she wanted, she was disgusted. I would never have let my Mother down the way you've let me down. As an adult you are still trying to gain your Mother's approval.