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This magazine does not resemble its parent magazine except for the occasional picture or pictures of animals. It is almost all ads, even the main article usually reviews the latest kids movie. The ads are flashy. There really are no educational articles; just silly animal pictures with goofy captions, the occasional odd facts, Stump your parents, maybe a word find puzzle. If you want something with which to educate while entertaining your children with worthwhile activities and such, look for other magazines. A previous reviewer has some good ideas for kids magazines. Or if you want the geographical, historical, anthropological aspects of National Geographic magazine, I would suggest just subscribing to the original "National Geographic" magazine. Censor it yourself if that is why you are looking at this kiddie magazine option. Whatever you do, don't waste your money on "National Geographic Kids", there are far better and worthier options that deserve our support.

We missed this one back in June but wanted to share it now anyway in case you also haven’t it yet. FoxP2, with wonderful illustration by Arri Reshcke, for National Geographic Kids. The copy reads, “Make room for nature.”

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was excited to sign up for National Geographic Kids and to introduce my son to informational stories about nature. To my disappointment this magazine has been hijacked by Disney. For example there were stories about animals in Madagascar and instead of focusing on the facts, this stories are use to promote the new Madagascar 3 movie. I'm sad to say that I've lost all respect for the National Geographic brand.

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Perfect for children 6 and up, National Geographic Kids is the ultimate magazine for young, inquisitive minds. Feed their curiosity with a surprise subscription!

To keep your child in the know and knowledgeable about the world around them, National Geographic Kids also features "The Inside Scoop," a look at the latest headlines in world news. And with "Guinness World Records" and "Bet You Didn't Know," your child will be able to spout off all kinds of interesting factoids like a real brainiac.