Will Kindle PDF support tilt Nook Vs Kindle in Amazon’s favor?

Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR eBook Reader (WiFi Only)


It’s time for a detailed Nook Vs Kindle review

Amazon added PDF support to , increased its battery life by 75%, and added landscape mode – Did they just win the Nook Vs Kindle contest?

It seems like one of the big gadget wars of recent years is all but over. I'm talking about Nook vs Kindle, and the Kindle has won. It seems like ages ago, but as recently as last fall there was still some question about whether both systems could co-exist or if one would drive the other out of business.

The Nook vs Kindle eBook Reader Color Tablet Comparison

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    In terms of reading experience Nook Vs Kindle is exceedingly close – the Kindle probably barely edges out Nook. is in stock and Nook isn’t till February 1st, 2010.

    Again, please consider what factors are important to you and rate them accordingly – What’s important to you decides who wins Nook vs Kindle.