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North of Beautiful is about finding your own way, taking action to get what you want, and yes, about internal vs. external beauty. I think that teenage girls will find it inspirational and moving. North of Beautiful may inspire a host of new young . But I think that, without being in the least bit preachy, it's also likely to inspire readers to feel more self-confident. And that is truly a beautiful thing.


North of Beautiful
This book was probably the best book I've ever read...between love and tragedy. Terra finds her True Beauty.

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I love geocaching (high-tech treasure hunting) and am always looking for opportunities to find more caches. My dear writer-buddy, Dia Calhoun, created and hid a North of Beautiful cache in the Methow Valley where the book is set. That cache was one of the most thoughtful presents I’ve ever received.

North of Beautiful gestated inside me for about a year, and then it took about eighteen months to write. And revise. And revise. Did I mention revising?