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HP Envy 8 Note 5002 8" 32 GB Tablet


Quick Note for Windows 8 - Download

I like the way the new Evernote for Windows 8 looks, but I’m going to remove it anyway – it’s just not user friendly (without a touchscreen). Like: I can’t get the menu to show and moving from the titel to the tekst with the TAB key doesn’t seem to work – and I don’t like to use my mouse for every action.

You say that in Evernote for Windows 8:
“You won’t be able to edit notes containing text styles, embedded images, etc., but you will be able to append text to them. We plan to add that capability soon.”

Pin-a-note for Windows 8 Download - Softpedia

All versions of Quick Note for Windows 8
Version License Language O.S.
Quick Note for Windows 8 04/02/13 Free English
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Nuance Introduces Dragon Notes for Windows 8 Devices

This version of the app makes me sad. I traded my iPad for a Surface and was EXTREMELY let down in the transition. Now I’m lugging my laptop around and regretting letting the iPad go. Tempted to look at Onenote for Windows 8.1 now.

There’s a lot more coming to Evernote for Window 8. Our simplified version of Evernote for touch interfaces is going to get lots of great new features and capabilities. We hope you like Evernote for Windows 8. Let us know what you think.