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Best Sellers: The Path (A boy gets lost on a path and along the way discovers the meaning of life) [Best Sellers] (Best Sellers, Best Sellers List ... Sellers,Kindle Best Sellers, Bestseller)

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Wow, I heard about gaming the system, but I didn't think there was a real company that publicly offered that type of service. What do they do with all those unsold books? As a NY Times Best Selling Author who earned it the hard way, I'm surely not in favor of gaming the system to cheat your way to perceived public credibility. I don't think the list compiling process is unfair because it's the same consistent process for every author. If you took just a fraction of the budget you'd spend with ResultSource and apply it to marketing and publicity, you'd easily attain best seller status. That assumes that you have a book that people actually want to read.

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NY Times Best Sellers 31 March 2013-P2P








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Thread: NY Times Best Sellers (31 March 2013)

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The Love Dare - NY Times Best Seller - Christian Romance This is a Kindle book, but you can access it in any other format by using FREE Amazon reading apps. #books

NY Times Best Sellers 31 March 2013-P2P