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1. Ogonis all through our history are known to be hospitable and loving. This lost attribute visited on us by the insensitivity of Shell and the Federal government should not dissuade us from conducting ourselves properly. No matter the enormity of a crisis, it ends up on a round table where peace and the way forward is discussed ( a ready example is the Amnesty deal by the Government with regard to the Niger Delta struggle after years of bloodletting) . So, the platform for dialogue should be our priority but more importantly is the internal sincerity amongst us. Our people of Ogoni should stop casting huge doubt on the sincerity of government in resolving the Ogoni crisis if the different communities and organizations in Ogoni-land are hardly to be sincere with themselves or to each other in the struggle for the emancipation of the Ogoni people in the business of Nigeria since 90s. The greatest danger Ogoni faces today is the danger of egocenticism, unnecessary leadership tussle and unhealthy suspicion amongst our elites and not the danger posed by Shells degradation of our environment. We must start eradicating the cankerworms within so as to have a healthy body to confront our common enemy. A deliberate and conscious effort to resolve our problems must start now, putting in our all for our collective gains by amicably resolving our differences without hoodwinking any community or group.

Bari-ara Kpalap claimed by June 9, 2009 that, ''As an organization, MOSOP will like to warn that any arrangement by Abuja, relating to resolving the Ogoni crisis, which contemplates Shell's Ogoni re-entry, will not win the support of our people. It is our position therefore, that the only panacea to re-tapping Ogoni oil lies in allocating the Ogoni oil concession to a new operator”.�According to the MOSOP leader, ''in the event government fails to heed our advice, we would have no alternative than to mobilize the Ogoni people back into the non-violent campaign trenches, if the Federal Government thinks otherwise, then it should be prepared to kill the mass of our people''.

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House of Rep meeting with Victims of Ogoni Crisis L-R Hon Adeyinka Ajayi; Hon Balarabe Inuwa, Clerk, House Committee on Army and Hon Rimamnde Kwewum, Chairman House Committee on Army during the hearing

The Nigerian military government has been engaged in a systematic and violent crackdown in the Ogoni region of the oil-rich Niger Delta, where indigenous communities have organized in protest against multinational oil companies. In The Ogoni Crisis: A Case Study of Military Repression in Southeastern Nigeria, released today, Human Rights Watch/Africa focuses on the most recent phase of the repression, which began in late May 1994, following the murders of four Ogoni leaders believed to have been pro-government. Human Rights Watch/Africa charges that the Rivers State Internal Security Task Force embarked on a series of punitive raids on Ogoni villages, resulting in extrajudicial executions, shootings, arbitrary arrests, floggings, rapes and looting which violate Nigeria's obligations under international law and the Nigerian Constitution. The new 50-page report also documents attacks by the security forces on other indigenous communities in the Niger Delta, where local residents have begun to emulate the Ogonis' well- organized protests.