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Omar Nelson Bradley (1893-1981) was a military officer in the , serving as a top commander in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany in under General . After the war Bradley headed the Veteran's Administration and served as the chairman of the (1949–53) during the .

Omar Nelson Bradley was born-literally in a log cabin-near Clark, Missouri, on 12 February 1893, the only surviving child of schoolteacher John Smith Bradley and Sarah Elizabeth Bradley, née Hubbard. The environment of Bradley's youth in rural Missouri was impoverished, but he received a good secondary education, becoming a star player on the Moberly High School baseball team. Hunting to supplement the family income, he also became a crack shot. He went to work for the Wabash Railroad after high school graduation in order to earn enough money for college. However he received an appointment to the Military Academy at West Point in the fall of 1911.

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Date of Birth 12 February 1893Clark, Missouri, USA
Date of Death 8 April 1981New York City, New York, USA
Birth NameOmar Nelson Bradley
Nicknames Brad
"The GI's General"

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Omar Bradley (1893-1981) was a United States Army field commander in North Africa and Europe during World War II, and a General of the Army of the U.S. Army. From the Normandy landings through the end of the war in Europe, Bradley had command of all U.S. ground forces invading Germany from the west. General Bradley was the last of only nine people to hold five-star rank in the United States Armed Forces.

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