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Beyoncé on the February GQ cover (out on newsstands Jan. 22, 2013). . Wallpaper and background images in the Beyonce club tagged: magazine beyoncé february gq cover 2013.

From 1928 to 2016: Domus magazine is celebrating its 1000th issue on newsstands, an achievement reached with over 88 years of research, in-depth reports, critiques and popularisation focused on every theme of living and habitation.

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So, it's a no-brainer. If your publication is a consumer title targetedat a decent portion of thegeneral public, getting on national and/or regional newsstands is amust. But where do you start?

While this pricing does accurately reflect the scarcity of newsstand editions,the fact that we rely upon base price as our starting point for our multiplier does lead to some distortion. Some really rare modern newsstands end up being priced too low, while relatively common older newsstand editions end up being priced too high. This series of formulas does seem to be working in overall, however, and I am in the middle right now of rationalizing a great many of our newsstand prices by hand, taking into account our base prices. Like them, or not, Newsstand editons now comprise 20%-25% of our total sales, which is quite a remarkable shift in just two years.