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Paradise in Harlem (1939)

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Two of the greatest relaxing at Big Wilt s Smalls Paradise in Harlem

Paradise In Harlem 1939

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Harlem Double Feature: Paradise in Harlem (1939) / Burlesque in Harlem (1949)


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There once was a dance club called Smalls' Paradise up in Harlem off Lenox Avenue. Our group of early adopters of the swing dance revival craze would go up there in the mid 80s. There, the Harlem All Star Jazz Band would play while we danced along with Frankie Manning and other old time Lindy Hoppers. The Band was made up mostly of septuagenarians, but they knew how to make music. The place had seen better days and its tinny sound system seemed to have been scavenged from the kind of portable record player I had in Jr. High in the late 60s. But I've never been to a place like it before or since. Every evening there would be a guest performance in between sets. The one that has stuck in my mind was the soft shoe performance that proved to me that experience can trounce youth and energy. That evening there were two performers, an ancient gentleman and a handsome young man. We were all impressed by the acrobatic demonstration of skill and energy of the young tap dancer. But when the old veteran took the stage, he took our collective breaths away. He didn't move fast, and he didn't jump high, but his timing and style were impeccable and he made his opener look like an amateur in comparison.

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