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: Big Chunks of Boring Dialog Meant to Convey Realism. Writing teachers everywhere tell budding young authors to listen to real dialog and use it as a model for what their characters should say. This only gets you so far. In real life, people wander off on tangents. They pause and hem and haw. In short, they bore the pants off one another. Why would you want to do that to your reader? Paranormal romance characters live extraordinary lives. We don’t have to hear them talk about their car trouble or what kind of ice cream they’re going to eat unless this has some bearing on the plot, or conveys something about their character, or is a delightful little detail sparingly tossed into the mix. Real life conversations can go on for hours. Conversations in fiction need to be tight and lean! Never overindulge.

5. Supernatural limits
It is tempting when writing paranormal characters to endow them with infinite strength and incredible superhuman abilities, but if there is no way to defeat them, then there is no hope for a conflict or room for growth. Remember Superman, the strongest man alive, was rendered helpless with Kryptonite.

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Use scientific reasoning to explain why your paranormal characters evolved. Why do they look the way they do? What climates do they face? What prey do they feed on, or against what predators do they defend themselves? Make sure your monster’s wart-armored skin and Narwhal-like tusk have a biological reason for being there.

3. World-building
Even if your paranormal characters don’t come from a different dimension or world, (e.g. they live in a place like Forks, WA) make sure you invent a good reason for them to be there. Explain how they survive in that area. How do they evade the detection of normal world?