Brad is African American. Paula Deen is very happy to see him.

Paula Deen Signature Nonstick 15-Piece Porcelain Cookware Set

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Paula Deen introduced her new book on April 3, 2007.

Paula Deen, the queen of butter, was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, but she waited to go public with it-after lining up a lucrative drug endorsement deal.

Experience the fun of Paula Deen's Recipe Quest, as you play your way through Paula's journey to mix and match ingredients from hundreds of Paula's recipes. Become the top home cook, and even open your own virtual restaurant!

Challenge yourself in 40 levels with 200 puzzles, cooking along with Paula in her studio kitchen and her famous restaurant, The Lady and Sons. Connect with friends to earn daily prizes and compete for top positions on leaderboards.

Level through the adventure for prizes, including the chance to cook on Paula Deen's Network! Everyone that completes the quest, will have the chance to travel to Savannah and appear on the Paula Deen Network - cooking right alongside her for millions of fans to see!

Let's get cooking, Y'all!

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  • Paula Deen is looking to stage a comeback.

    Even before Friday’s announcement, several big Food Network advertisers had already begun sharpening their knives. A rep for Home Depot insisted they do not advertise specifically on Paula Deen’s programs, informing us just before news broke of her contract ending that they “are not a sponsor of the Paula Deen show or any of her other properties, but have asked the Food Network to ensure (their) ads do not run alongside her show. “

    Food Network star Paula Deen seemed close to tears in a televised apology on Friday. A transcript surfaced earlier this week of Deen seemingly nonchalantly describing different racist jokes she'd told and her penchant for saying the n-word.