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How Successful People Lead: Taking Your Influence to the Next Level


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People exposed to lead at work may bring lead home on their clothes, shoes, hair, or skin. Some jobs that expose people to lead include: home improvement; painting and refinishing; car or radiator repair; plumbing; construction; welding and cutting; electronics; municipal waste incineration; lead compound manufacturing; manufacturing of rubber products, batteries, and plastics; lead smelting and refining; working in brass or bronze foundries; demolition; and working with scrap metal.

The reason that I think this is the more important sense is that I believe it is what people are really asking about when they ask whether or not people can lead a normal life. Let’s just do a comparison. Can someone who has purple feet lead a normal life? In the first sense, no, the person with purple feet cannot lead a normal life, because the person with purple feet is living a life with purple feet, which isn’t normal. However, we don’t care about that because having purple feet is (except for foot models, but I digress). What we do care about is whether or not we can live a life that is normal in an way – that is, whether or not it affects our ability to be happy.

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How Successful People Lead: Taking Your Influence to the Next Level
John C. Maxwell
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Meanwhile, Tennison kept Congress in touch with her activities, both by arranging meetings in Russia and in Washington. As she reminds us, it was President Eisenhower who said, "when the people lead, the leaders will follow."

It’s Not About You
Many view leadership as little more than a stage from which to promote themselves. While it’s true being in a position of leadership may afford you a marvelous platform, it’s important to recognize there exists no leadership platform but for the people. You didn’t build the platform, the people you lead built the platform and have entrusted it’s care and well being to you – forget this and failure is certain.