Perini Ranch Steakhouse Is One of “America’s Classics”

Festival Hill: Alive with the Sound of Music / Herbal Legends / Buffalo Gap's Perini Ranch Steakhouse Is the Real Thing / Galveston Island: The Beach Is Back! / Back to Brackenridge Park / On the Scene in Seguin (Texas Highways, Volume 44, Number 6, June 1997)

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—eating steak at Perini Ranch Steakhouse.

In the film, Tom Perini speaks about when he first opened his "Texas joint," Perini Ranch Steakhouse, in 1983, coincidentally the same time Pyles, Fearing and Del Grande started shaking things up. He says that cowboys came in their boots and cowboy hats and drank beer and shots of whiskey with their meals. Now, they come in and still drink beer and shots of whiskey, but also order a nice bottle of wine — still wearing their spurs.

There’s no place like Perini Ranch Steakhouse. It is the best! It never disappoints–Tom richly deserves his immense success. He put Buffalo Gap and Abilene on the map! Thanks, Tom and Lisa!

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    TP: I don’t know. This is the way I did chuckwagon cooking. The flat grill is an easier way to cook steak because you know the temperature. A mesquite fire is a little more iffy. When we opened this place and I called it Perini Ranch Steakhouse, the word steakhouse was a negative word. I did mesquite because in those early days it was all native. Now I drive all around Texas and it’s all steakhouse this and mesquite that. In the old days I was on the edge, but in the chuckwagon we did everything with fire.

    It’s no surprise that the popular cuisine of the Perini Ranch Steakhouse got the attention of Food & Wine. The ranch burger, a specialty of the restaurant, was so delectable that it made the list for best burgers in the country. Buffalo Gap was featured up there with the best places in New York, California, and Tennessee.