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Freehand - Acoustic Sketches II

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Here Comes the Sun - Phil Keaggy

As well, reported on Hendrix's appearance and said nothing about any "world's greatest guitarist" question or answer:Hendrix apparently did sing the praises of a Billy Gibbons (then a little-known guitarist with a band called Moving Sidewalks) during a "Dick Cavett Show" appearance at about the same time. We doubt that was the origin of the Phil Keaggy legend, but who knows?

Phil Keaggy is a versatile composer, songwriter, performer, singer and producer, who cannot be tied down to any genre or style, because it depends on the project, the composition and the theme, as his ample musical gifts adapt beautifully to whatever genre or genres beckon in the composition in question.

A leadership lesson from guitarist Phil Keaggy

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    Phil Keaggy (born March 23, 1951) is a Christian guitarist, songwriter, and singer. Raised in a small farmhouse in Hubbard, Ohio with nine brothers and sisters, Keaggy began playing guitar at age ten on a Sears Silvertone guitar, despite missing half of the middle finger on his right hand due to an accident at age 4 involving a water pump.

    Saw Phil play live a couple times, he is amazing. He is definitely Christian but plays all styles. His looping is amazing, here in Minnesota we have a guy named Michael Monroe who does it just as well. Keaggy is a special guitarist, one of his biggest boosters was none other than Jimi Hendrix! Supposedly Hendrix was asked by an interviewer how it felt to be the greatest guitar player in the world and Hendrix replied, "I wouldn't know, you'd have to ask Phil Keaggy."