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Philip Oakey purses his lips slightly and smiles indulgently at the two junior members of The Human League, pretending valiantly that his mind is on more esoteric matters than their shopping based banter.

The Human League about No time, being famous, no worries about the future, Herbie Hancock, money

Video interview with synthpop band The Human League. FaceCulture spoke to Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley about the band, the new album Credo, playing live, electronic music, Herbie Hancock, Don't You Want Me, success, old synthesizers, real instruments and more. (09/02/2011)

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John Doran talks to Joanne Catherall, Susan Ann Sulley and Philip Oakey about the the 30-year journey from Dare to Credo. But he doesn't ask them about "that song"...

The Human League mark one formed in Sheffield in 1977 as one of the UK's first synthpop groups. They were declared the sound of the future by David Bowie and released a pair of patchy but occasionally astounding albums, and , as well as the seminal 'Being Boiled' 7". Their original manager Bob Last used simmering tensions between singer Philip Oakey and founding member Martyn Ware to manufacture a split. His intention was to try and set up Ware as a one-man production house for Virgin under the name of British Electric Foundation — leaving the League to pursue pop success, without the perceived intellectual baggage of their arty member. Things didn't quite go according to plan: another member of The Human League, Ian Craig Marsh, left with Ware, and they recruited Glenn Gregory to form Heaven 17. Whether tricked or not, Ware had every right to feel upset after getting kicked out of his own band. The drive that eventually made Heaven 17 chart-toppers was, no doubt, partly a desire to get back at the people who thought he was standing in the way of the group's success. To prove them wrong.