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Hey Ken.. I was interested in this review because I’m a big fan of Photo Tools. I also have Perfect Effects 4 and just got the new Suite 8, which I love. Was wondering, there was a great landscape filter in the old Photo Tools called “Wow Landscape” which I really liked. I’m not sure if that filter’s equivalent exists in Effects 4 or Suite 8. Have you come across anything like it in those two later filter sets?

I really want to conitnue to use phototools 2.6 but until recently with last mac os update or OnOne coming out with effects 10, the protools 2.6 when loaded comes up with a registration error after you reboot computer. I was able to work around this until this past Fall. Not sure if OnOne killed the registration process to finally make it obsolete or if the mac system update did something. I really liked the old way of ’a la carte’ options with phototools where you can experiment with each filter listed. they cay you can do everything with 10 but i think it is not as easy to work with. maybe the way my brain works.

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I recently found OnOne Software and downloaded the free trial. I loved it so much I bought the whole suite. Thanks for showing what PhotoTools can do! I love seeing how other people use it and keep up the good work. Looking forward to PerfectLayers ;-)

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a software application built specifically for helping you edit metadata in your photographs, including latitude, longitude, and other location details.