Plastic overlays primed and sprayed.

12 Pack- BLUE Color Overlays, Tinted Plastic Sheet, Transparent Film Gel, Full Page

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Quality tempered plastic overlay depth markers are made for waterline marking only. Smooth with a thin profile, 4" black lettering on white background. They are made to go over existing tile markings. Numbers in English and Metric measurements as well as images are available.

Our tempered Plastic Overlays are made for the waterline depth in your pool. They have beveled edges, a smooth surface, and a thin profile. They can be installed over most surfaces including tile, fiberglass, paint, vinyl liner, etc. Overlays are used to go over existing tile depth marking that has faded or to mark depths inside pools where ceramic tile will not work. They are designed to save you time and money!

Basic Instructions. You will need to lower the water level at least 3 inches below where you will be placing the overlay. Allow the overlay to bond for 24 hours before filling the pool. Detailed instructions for application will be included with your order.

ET 16-1 Directory Plastic Overlay

7406 (D07-D08) Plus (Silver) Plastic Overlay
OT5184-S OT5184P OT5185P




ET 8-3 & ET 16-3 Plastic Overlay

Then it was down to the basement to work on some of the other projects. Like painting these plastic overlay pieces. These started out life as square overlays from Dollarama. I trimmed them down and cut them into quarters on the diagonal.

The plastic overlay chart is recommended when charts are being changed frequently. The plastic selected for use in producing charts and scales was made for its optical qualities and dimensional stability. All plastic charts and scales are image etched into the surface for permanence; the image is etched to a depth of approximately .002 without affecting the accuracy or quality. Plastic charts are available with either a clear or frosted finish.