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Manga Review: Food Wars! Volume 6 - WatchPlayRead

The Play and Read initiative is a collaboration between and the to develop literacy skills through play for young children at the local public library.

As discussed in our tutorial on , the traditional system makes it difficult to fully perceive the intervals between notes: what you see does not consistently correspond with what you hear. This imperfect correspondence makes it harder to read and play by interval, to understand music in terms of intervals, or even to be aware of the intervals that you are playing when reading and playing by individual notes. Nevertheless, a certain limited form of reading by interval is still possible in traditional notation.

Manga Review: World Trigger Volume 7 - WatchPlayRead

Noun1.play reading - performance of a play by a group of readers
performance, public presentation - a dramatic or musical entertainment; "they listened to ten different performances"; "the play ran for 100 performances"; "the frequent performances of the symphony testify to its popularity"

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Learn how to play Read All About It by Emeli Sande with this easy to follow Piano Tutorial.

To these rules of thumb, let's add one more. Parents can do much to nurture rich imaginative play by READING to their children and providing them with BOOKS that provoke their curiosity and provide fodder for their pretend play.