Porsche 356 Guide to Do It Yourself Restoration

Porsche 356 Guide to Do-It-Yourself Restoration


Porsche 356, Guide to Do-It-Yourself Restoration has ..

Porsche 356 Guide to Do It Yourself Restoration, by Jim Kellogg, is yet another book which should be on any 356 enthusiast’s shelf. Whether you buy a 356 needing work or just drive until it does, sooner of later you will either need to deliver yourself up to the tender mercies of a body, or even more expensive, a restoration shop or contemplate doing the work yourself. While extremely competent restoration experts have commented, there are gems in Jim’s book useful even at their level; I feel that the main usefulness of this book for the vast majority of us is to help the Porsche owner understand what a restoration entails – of course this is written by one whose main 356 skills extend to swap meet, drive and dine, and writing checks. Jim’s book is nicely broken down into sections, so the more enterprising among you can try a repair without obligating yourself for the full Monte. Small – the book is selling well so perhaps soon Jim will start writing the expanded second edition – but reasonably priced at $24.95.

Over the last few years, a substantial body of literature has appeared, covering everything from originality (Porsche 356 – A Restorer’s Guide to Originality) to engine rebuilding (the currently out of print ABCs & 912s Of Porsche Engines and Secrets of the Inner Circle) to performance modifications (Porsche 356 Performance Guide) to even the purchase and philosophy of owning a 356 (Buying, Driving & Enjoying the Porsche 356). Prominent by its absence has been a book on the actual mechanics of restoration. Now, however, Jim Kellogg, bringing years of practical experience, has written Porsche 356 Guide to do it Yourself Restoration. Recognizing that the dozen or so shops capable of a full concours restoration would not actually need a book, Jim is aiming his book at those wishing to restore it themselves.

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