To recap, the top 10 best pregnancy books are:

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!


Popular Pregnancy Books - Goodreads

The very popular is not part of our best pregnancy books list and for good reasons: it will neither prepare you for a natural pregnancy nor a natural birth.

Whether you are a first time mom or an “old pro” these are the best pregnancy books to read – in our opinion – while you are awaiting the birth of your baby.

Reviewing the Top 35 Best-Selling Pregnancy Books of 2015

Best Pregnancy Books For (First Time) Expecting Moms

My reviews below of each of the top 35 best-selling pregnancy books utilize a rating system that will help you match these topics to books that address them well. The stars I’ve assigned to each book should help you know what that book focuses on and if it does a good job of presenting evidenced-based, empowering information. Reading my full review will give you an overview of the book’s content and a bit of my commentary on its accuracy and how to best use it.

The top 35 best selling pregnancy books of 2015 may be popular, but they’re not all good. I know this because I read a lot of pregnancy literature, both consumer-oriented books and journals and books written for maternity care providers. Reading popular pregnancy books from my informed perspective reveals a good deal about how new parents are sometimes falsely informed by what they read. Best selling pregnancy books contain both opinion and fact, and are written in ways that mask the difference. Some books offer very meaningful preparation guidance while others choose trivial or ineffective content. I can help you sort the good from the bad as well as figure out which books meet your particular needs.