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Print-on-Demand Book Publishing: A New Approach To Printing And Marketing Books For Publishers And Self-Publishing Authors


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By employing print on demand technology, a print on demand book publisher pays more to print a copy of a book than it would if it was printing the book in large quantities of 1,000 or more (typically referred to as offset printing). The upside to using a print on demand book publisher is that your initial investment with regard to book inventory is low. Yes, you might be paying a bit more for the low prints offered by print on demand, but instead of tying the money up in inventory, you can use it to market and promote your book.

Our Printers own all the equipment necessary to publish, print, bind, store, and ship your book. With our unique print on demand book publishing method, most books are printed in small quantities and stocked in our micro inventory, not 10,000 at a time in advance of sales. Whatever quantity a book is meant to sell, that's the quantity that will be printed. If a book becomes a best seller, then we're more than ready to handle fulfillment and produce outstanding quality and assured results. Our print on demand books are also returnable to bookstores at no additional cost to you. No comparable book publisher does what we do.

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Print of demand (POD) book publishing is when copies of a book are not printed until an order is placed for that book. For self publishing authors, print on demand book publishing services make it convenient to sell physical copies of their books without having to pay an enormous upfront cost for bulk printing.