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Title: Private Down Under

Private Sydney

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Listen to Private Down Under Audiobook by James Patterson, Michael White, narrated by Tim Wright.

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Private Down Under


Private down Under With pride from Motor City

In this story the narrator is fantastic! I loved listening to him,. The Private goes down under and starts up another office in Australia , The reason why I gave the story 4 stars is just because it has a lot of characters . I like multiple characters in a story, but not so many different names I loose count and my total understanding of it. But other than that, it is a good book, and a good addition to the Jack Morgan Private series.

Private Down Under follows main character Craig Gisto, tapped by Private founder and CEO Jack Morgan to head up the Oz HQ, alongside fellow investigator Mary Clarke, forensics expert Darlene and investigator Johnny Ishmah. Chaos erupts at the celebratory welcome-to-Australia party, when a man stumbles into the room, half-dead. He’s been stabbed a dozen times, and after Gisto removes the hood from the man’s head, he discovers the man is missing his eyes. The subsequent murder investigation leads straight to the Triad Asian crime syndicate. Before that investigation gets rolling, Gisto and Private run smack into a second case, equally gruesome and demanding. A serial killer is targeting rich housewives from the same Sydney neighborhood, which happens to be close to the Deputy Police Commissioner’s house. The murders occur in ritualistic fashion, and all of the trademarks, such as photocopied currency accompanying the body, are bizarre and difficult to trace.

Private Down Under Private Series, Book 6 ..

Title: Private Down Under
Author(s): James Patterson, Michael White
ISBN: 1-4555-2975-3 / 978-1-4555-2975-9 (USA edition)
Publisher: Vision
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

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Private Down Under is the seventh installment in the series of novels following the escapades of the “Private” group, an elite private investigation firm with branches around the globe. This book, as the title suggests, focuses on the newest branch, located in Sydney, Australia, and it’s the first “written” by Patterson and Michael White, with previous books taking place in locales like Los Angeles, London, and Berlin. The focus of the PI firm is to work alongside local law enforcement in tackling difficult cases by using state-of-the-art technology, since money is no object to the privately-funded team.

I personally enjoyed PRIVATE DOWN UNDER by James Patterson and Michael White and know the next one will be great as well. I think watching the different people in the different agencies work together will be a great series of books.