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America's Promise

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Education: The Promise of America

It has almost been one year since Mitt Romney announced his campaign for president in Stratham, New Hampshire. As he clinches the delegates needed for the Republican nomination, we look back on this journey to restore the promise of America.

1. What Is the Promise of American Life? 1
2. The Federalists and the Republicans 33
3. The Democrats and the Whigs 64
4. Slavery and American Nationality 89
5. The Contemporary Situation and Its Problems 123
6. Reform and the Reformers 173
7. Reconstruction: Its Conditions and Purposes 216
8. Nationality and Democracy: National Origins 264
9. The American Democracy and Its National Principles 326
10. A National Foreign Policy 355
11. Problems of Reconstruction: Part 1 386
12. Problems of Reconstruction: Part 2 431
13. Conclusions: The Individual and the National Purposes 490

Thomas Paine and the Promise of America

Sanders: 'This is the promise of America'

We are the nation’s largest partnership of our kind, bringing together hundreds of national nonprofits, businesses, communities, educators and ordinary citizens behind the idea of making the promise of America accessible to all young people.

In The Promise of America, historian Odd S. Lovoll tells the story of the thousands of Norwegian immigrants who gambled on a fresh start in the United States. Now, Lovoll has carefully revised this successful book to reflect new understandings of the Norwegian-American past, updating this story to today.