Quickbooks Pro 2002: A Complete Course

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Horne, QuickBooks Pro 2002: An Introduction

ServiceXP does it all for you, sends & builds the customer information, any inventory information, account information, creates the sales receipt or invoice in a click of a button. No more double entry; you have a direct communications link to QuickBooks Pro 2002 or greater.

provides training in using one of the best-selling computerized accounting programs available for small-to-mid-sized businesses—QuickBooks 2002, QuickBooks Pro 2002, and QuickBooks Premier 2002. This comprehensive text contains visually-oriented chapters that are interrelated so students can see the full effect of transactions for the accounting cycle in service and merchandising businesses, as well as for payroll and company creation functions.

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  • QuickBooks Pro 2002: An Introduction

  • Horne, Quickbooks Pro 2002: A Complete Course

    If you can buy the Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2002 program with rebates offered, it would bring the cost down to about $100 (if up-grading), a small price to pay for the many improvements in this version.

    I've used many accounting software programs. QuickBooks, however, is my favorite for ease of use and friendly interface. I have used this software since version 4.0, so I'm very familiar with its many incarnations. Pro 2001 was not worth the cost, but Pro 2002 contains valuable features I…

    Upgrading to Intuit Quickbooks PRO 2002 accounting software from Pro 2001 was totally painless. The relatively minor improvements certainly are not worth having to pay almost the full price all over again for it so I would recommend that you don't - unless the few changes from QB Pro 2001 are important to you. Once you have accepted that they don't tell you the truth about the 'ease' of use, and you have committed yourself to using this program, you will be happy you made the change. Compared…