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Striking by Rachel Higginson and Lila Felix. Expected Publication: September 1, 2013

Bet on Us (In The Dark Book 1)

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The Rush (The Siren Series Book 1) by Rachel Higginson

Love and Decay, Volume One

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Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed series Book 1)

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Rachel Higginson: The Star-Crossed Series The Reluctant King

About the Book
Title: Every Wrong Reason
Author: Rachel Higginson
Publisher: Reckless Siren Publishing
Release Date: September 22, 2015
Contemporary Romance
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"(Sex is) that thing at the end of the day that will remind you that you’re not just a mom, you’re not just a taxi driver and life coach – and crafting guru and chef and housekeeper and errand-runner," writes Omaha mom, Rachel Higginson. "You’re a woman. You’re a sexy woman that deserves to feel feminine and beautiful and adored."

Rachel Higginson: The Star-Crossed Series Hopeless Magic

Fearless Magic, by Rachel Higginson!! Amazing

Love and Decay: Revolution, Episode Three
Rachel Higginson
Genre: Apocalyptic Serial, Novella
Release Date: January 8, 2016

It’s not easy being a badass Zombie killer. But somebody’s got to do it.

Rachel Higginson is the author of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, The Star-Crossed Series, Love & Decay Novella Series and much more!