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Nobody Wins

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Radney Foster’s songs are compelling and cathartic.



Everything I Should Have Said


Watch the Radney Foster ‘Just Call Me Lonesome’ Video

Tom Baz was born in 1973, in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in the pine barrens of southern New Jersey. The son of an Air Force man& seasoned bull rider, Tom grew up hearing a diverse collection of music that included Elvis, Merle Haggard, Jim Croce, to Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and later bands like Blackberry Smoke and Tracy Lawrence. Tom has, long been, frontman for the south Jersey country/rock band Bullzeye. His solo acoustic performances, from NJ to Daytona, have gained much acclaim, which lead him to release some acoustic recordings of his original music on an album titled, Tom Baz "The Kind Of Man I Am"(available at iTunes). His biggest influence, as a songwriter, has to be Radney Foster(singer/writer of such hits as Just call me lonesome, Nobody Wins, Raining on Sunday, A real fine place, and many more). Catch a Tom Baz acoustic show, or see him with his full band, Bullzeye!

1. Tonight
2. God Knows When
3. Just Call Me Lonesome
4. School of Hard Knocks
5. Went For A Ride
6. I’m Used To It
7. Folding Money
8. Leaning On What Love Can Do
9. How You Play The Hand
10. Nobody Wins
11. I’m In
12. Bonus: Texas In 1880 – Radney Foster/Pat Green
13. Bonus: Tonight

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    Radney Foster (born July 20, 1959, Del Rio, Texas) is an American singer-songwriter and music producer. Initially a songwriter in Nashville, Foster made his recording debut in 1986 as one half of the duo, recording three studio albums and with nine singles on the US country charts. From 1992 to 2010, Foster pursued a successful solo career. In December 2010, he rejoined the duo and they released the album "It's Already Tomorrow" in 2011…

    Singer-songwriter Radney Foster is sending thanks to his social media followers for the recovery of eight of his guitars recently stolen from a storage unit in Nashville. But at this point, two of the instruments and a custom-made amplifier are still missing.