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Voice Reader Web dynamically sound-tracks your website, i.e. "on demand".
The service can be installed quickly and easily. Our Tutorial will show you how easy it is. The web site visitor just clicks on the link and the site contents can be heard immediately.

See on our website Voice Reader Web in action. Next to each heading there is a "Read" button. Clicking on it opens the Voice Reader Web Flash Player and the program immediately begins to read out. You can also test the features "Select and read" and "Control player via shortcuts"

Voice Reader Web will be integrated as a JavaScript link into your websites. Once you have received your Voice Reader Web access data, you can easily add the "Read" button for TTS to your website. Our web tool provides a JavaScript code which you have to copy directly into your website code, wherever you wish the button to appear. Simply carry out the following steps:

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    1. Use your access data to log in to the Voice Reader Web customer access area. You will receive an email with the corresponding link and access data after you have ordered Voice Reader Web

    More and more cities, institutions, authorities and enterprises go for a barrier-free access to their websites. Voice Reader Web, the online reading solution supports them in this matter.

    See how simple Voice Reader Web is:

    You, as the website operator, simply integrate a "Read" button on all of your webpages that you would like to be made audibly available to your visitors. It's as simple as filling out an intuitive web form, and you're all set!
    Visitors to your website click on this button and immediately begin hearing the desired page content on demand via their own Flash Player. That means that you don't have to store any audio files on your server.