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10 Tips for Writing Effective Real Estate Copy

I’m a specialist writer within the property marketing industry, with years of experience producing premium real estate advertising copy for some of Australia’s top agents and property developers. I write copy for upcoming property listings (both in online and print versions) either through an on-site visit to the property, or remotely, working off photos, floorplans and checklists. Please for rates. I’ve also been involved in the creation of brochures for future residential property developments, working with brands such as Mirvac, CBRE and Frasers.

If you’re exploring online real estate advertising, particularly pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search sites, you may not realize how ad copy impacts your ads’ performance. Here, we’ll explore why real estate ad copy is important and show you how to create your own strong copy.

4 tips for writing powerful real estate copy - Inman

Creating and Placing High-impact ..

It’s advised that you do keyword research in Google Adwords’s as an early step in creating your real estate advertising copy, because you’ll take your target keywords and find ways to use them in your ad (discussed in more detail below) and on the associated landing page where you’ll send users. Note: If you’re going to advertise with Bing, you can start your PPC campaign in Adwords and upload that campaign into Bing later.

Does your real estate advertising copy make your listings stand out from all the other homes for sale on the market? If you’re like 95% of all agents, unfortunately, the answer is “no.”