Recent advances in pharmacology.

Recent Advances in the Pharmacology of Toxins: Proceedings of The First International Pharmacological Meeting Stockholm, 22-25 August, 1961

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Recent Advances In Neuropsychopharmacology contains selected papers from the 12th Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum held in Gõteborg, Sweden, 22-26 June 1980. The 47 papers in the volume are organized into six parts. The papers in Part I deal with the subject of psychostimulants in psychiatric research. Topics covered include the effect of chronic d-amphetamine and chronic apomorphine treatment on non-human primate social and solitary behavior; and the behavioral effects of dopamine agonists. Part II assesses the prescription of psychotropic drugs by general practitioners. Part III examines blood platelets as a model system for central monoaminergic neurons. Part IV focuses on anxiety pathways in the brain. Part V considers prospects for a biochemical classification system in psychiatry. Part VI presents pharmacokinetic studies of psychotropic drugs. Part VI contains two papers on the renal function and renal histology of lithium patients on maintenance lithium therapy and pre-lithium patients; and the treatment of refractory schizophrenia.

Not all of the content of the symposium was suitable for this issue, however. For example, a lecture by Power on iontophoretic drug application drew largely on the work presented in his previous review for the Journal, and Hendrickx and colleagues' description of the use of pharmacological modelling to interrogate mechanisms of anaesthetic action was also based on a previously published review. Similarly, the neuroprotective effects of xenon presented by Preckel and colleagues have been reviewed relatively recently. On the other hand, we have included articles on mechanisms of anaesthetic action (Hemmings) and bifunctional opioids (Dietis and colleagues) outwith the topics covered in the symposium to further broaden the appeal of this postgraduate issue. Even so, this issue cannot cover the entire breadth of recent advances in pharmacology and therapeutics relevant to the readership of the British Journal of Anaesthesia. Other than the review by Dietis and colleagues, which we include as much for the interest in the pharmacological concepts that are being exploited as for the potential clinical applications, we have not included reviews specifically covering the pharmacology of pain management as we did not wish to overlap with the material published in the 2008 postgraduate issue that had pain medicine as its theme. However, for those interested in this area, we would also refer you to the review on pharmacogenomics in the current issue by Searle and Hopkins that uses opioid drugs to illustrate many of the pharmacogenomic principles discussed.

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