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Cowboy, drifter, prospector, outlaw – Jake Beckett has been all of them at one time or another. In the past he had been a hired-gun and a thief, stealing from banks, stage coaches and trains both for pay and for what was on them. When Daniel O’Shea had offered him the chance to leave the outlaw life behind him and become sheriff of Redemption Falls five years ago, he accepted only because he had no other choice, but he has come to love his job as sheriff, even though he never thought he would. Jake kept the law just as much as it needed to be kept, walking that fine line needed to keep both the town and the more independent ranchers happy. Jake is a typical western man, quick on action and slow on talk, fearing nothing. Until the railroad was built, his biggest concerns were drunken cowboys and occasional drifting outlaws. With the building of the railroad, there comes an influx of people – settlers, prospectors, speculators and thieves – all bringing with them a whole new set of problems. But Jake’s greatest concern is that one of these people will bring in knowledge of the one thing he fears most – his past.

Charlotte married Daniel O’Shea, a Union Soldier, right after the Civil War and moved west with him. The life of a rancher’s wife in the wild Wyoming Territory proved to be hard and lonely with her husband often gone for months at a time, and leaving her alone with her young daughter, Scarlett to handle the day-to-day affairs of the ranch. Still, she thrived on the freedom and independence that came from the responsibility; drawing on strength she never knew she had. Then, when her daughter was eight and her husband was gone to Texas to buy more cattle for the ranch, Cholera swept into the area, hitting Redemption Falls hard. Both Charlotte and Scarlett came down with the disease and were moved to a quarantine hospital far from Redemption Falls. After days of delirium, she awoke to be told her daughter died and that, while she would recover, she needed to go someplace else to convalesce. Unable to face to returning to the ranch, she heads back to Charleston.


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But Redemption Falls holds more than painful and tragic memories, and Charlotte’s life is about to become as conflicted and turbulent as the town she is going to.

Timothy Rooke was a riverboat gambler and conman before the war. He was a deserter and thief during the war. After the war he used the chaos of the south in order to con his way into the good graces of the wealthy southerners, claiming parentage and family alliances in order to worm his way into the lives of those who could take care of him. When Charlotte returns to Charleston, he sets his sights on marrying her and gaining her wealth. Charlotte’s parents are taken in by him and, even though Charlotte keeps him at arms length he knows it’s just a matter of time before he gets what he wants. When Charlotte’s parents die and she heads back to Redemption Falls to claim her inheritance, Tim follows, unwilling to give up on his plan -- or on Charlotte.