Repo Man from Repo The Genetic Opera

Repo The Genetic Opera


Repo the Genetic Opera Come up and try my new parts

Pun aside, Repo the genetic opera takes place in a pretty cool futuristic place, were people take a loan on surgery, and if they can’t manage to make the payments, the company selling the manufactured organs can take them back. Which kind of hurts… there’s a reason this is being produced by Twisted pictures, the people who made Saw, after all

Repo The Genetic opera is a weird best that is difficult to categorize. I definitely enjoyed the universe they created, and was sad to learn that a sequel, even though it was initially in the plans, will probably not be made. However, I’m not sure I would watch this movie again. Other people have said it better than me, Repo The genetic opera is more than a movie, it’s an experience.

REPO The Genetic Opera trailer (shadowcast) February 12th show

Repo The Genetic Opera - Repo The Genetic Opera Album Lyrics
1.At The Opera Tonight
3.Things You See In A Graveyard
4.Legal Assassin
6.21st Century Cure
7.Mark It Up
8.Can't Get It Up If The Girl's Breathing?
9.Zydrate Anatomy
10.Thankless Job
11.Chase The Morning
12.Night Surgeon
15.We Started This Opra Shit
16.Needle Through A Bug
18.Let The Monster Rise
19.I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much
20.Genetic Emancipation
21.Genetic Repo Man

Warriors Repo The Genetic Opera Trailer

So, this movie showed up in my Amazon Prime recommendations this weekend, and I see that it is available on Netflix as well, as of a few days ago. “Repo the Genetic Opera” is a horror musical (yes, you read correctly), and definitely gains points for originality. It is available for free on Amazon Prime (you can get a if you want to watch the movie for free), and also on Netflix.