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Richard Christopher Carrington was born on 26 May 1826 in Chelsea, England. The second son of a wealthy brewer, Carrington was originally expected to pursue a career in the Church. In 1844 he began studies in theology at Trinity College Cambridge, where he graduated in 1848. By then, however, Carrington had found his true vocation in astronomy. In 1849 he joined the Durham University Observatory, but resigned this position in March 1852, using his family fortune to build his own house and observatory at Redhill, Surrey. There, he engaged in both day time solar and night time astronomical observations, until the death of his father in 1858 forced him to take over the family business. He was elected to the Royal Astronomical Society in 1851, for which he served as secretary from 1857 to 1862, and to the Royal Society in 1850. In 1865, having fallen into ill health, he sold the family brewery and retired to an isolated spot at Churt, Surrey, where he established a new observatory, but never really resumed serious astronomical work. He died there on 27 November 1875.

Richard Christopher Carrington (26 May 1826 – 27 November 1875) was an English whose 1859 demonstrated the existence of as well as suggesting their electrical influence upon the and its ; and whose 1863 records of observations revealed the of the .

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    Richard Christopher Carrington (26 May 1826 –27 November 1875) was an whose 1859 firstcorroborated the existence of as well as their electricalinfluence upon the and its ;and whose 1863 records of observations demonstrated in the .

    RICHARD CHRISTOPHER CARRINGTON (1826-1875),English astronomer, son of a brewer at , was born in on the 26th of May 1826. Though intendedfor the Church, his studies and tastes inclined him to , and with a viewto gaining experience in the routine of an he accepted the post ofobserver in the university of . Finding, however, that there was little of obtaininginstruments suitable for the work which he wished to undertake, heresigned that appointment and established in 1853 an observatory ofhis own at Redhill. Here he devoted three years to a survey of thezone of the heavens within 9 degrees of the North , the results of which arecontained in his Redhill Catalogue of 3735 Stars. But hisname is chiefly perpetuated through his investigation of themotions of sun-spots, by which he determined the elements of thesun's rotation and made the important discovery of a systematic of the photosphere, causingthe rotation-periods of spots to lengthen with increase of solar . He died on the 27thof November 1875.