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It features in ‘Right Ho Jeeves’, as Market Snodsbury Grammar School – attended by Bertie Wooster. There is an accurately drawn description of the old school hall (now a library). ‘Plum’ had an aunt who was wife to the vicar at Hanley Castle Church – just 60 metres from the school.

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Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6) by P.G

Do you know any other author who could so intricately weave the life of newts and a temperamental french chef into a love story set in the English countryside? Wodehouse was a magician. Right Ho Jeeves was my first foray into the rarified atmosphere of sublimely crafted Wodehouse humour. Although set in a time many decades ago, the story is like a time capsule, merth is liberated with the turning of each page. Its a cracker and you'll be hooked on Wodehouse. I've have bought and read two more of his books within three weeks.