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Cheng Man-ch'ing and T'ai Chi: Echoes in the Hall of Happiness


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Robert Augustus Chesebrough, (January 9, 1837 – September 8, 1933) was an American chemist. He discovered which he marketed as and he founded the .

In the martial arts world, he specializes in combat application and health aspects with a focus on the Yip Man Wing Chun Kuen system as taught to him by Hawkins Cheung and the Yuen Kay-San and Gulao Wing Chun Kuen systems as taught to him by Kwan Jong-Yuen. Robert teaches at his school in Los Angeles, where he is the chief instructor of the Dragon Gate Martial Arts Academy, and is head of the International Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen Association , which has branch schools throughout the USA, Europe and South East Asia. He is the co-author of Complete Wing Chun, (Charles E. Tuttle Co, Inc, 1998) and has written numerous articles for Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends, Inside Martial Arts, Martial Arts Combat Sports, CJOM, Acupuncture Today and featured in other publications. He has also been featured in the book, Kung Fu Masters (Unique Publications, 2002). Dr. Chu is also proficient in Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Shaolin systems of martial arts.

fotografía tomada por de Robert Bösch

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  • fotografía tomada por de Robert Bösch

    Robert Koch was born on December 11, 1843, at Clausthal in the Upper Harz Mountains. The son of a mining engineer, he astounded his parents at the age of five by telling them that he had, with the aid of the newspapers, taught himself to read, a feat which foreshadowed the intelligence and methodical persistence which were to be so characteristic of him in later life. He attended the local high school («Gymnasium») and there showed an interest in biology and, like his father, a strong urge to travel.

    Robert Boesch / Switzerland : Eiskletterer am Khumbu-Gletscher im Everest-Gebiet: Immer wieder beweist der Schweizer Robert Bösch ein hervorragendes Auge für besondere Bergmotive.