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1988 June 30: The Smokers Newsletter has an editorial:

We recently finished a book titled "Clearing The Air — Perspectives on Environmental Tobacco Smoke" edited by Robert D Tollison, copyrighted in 1988 by D.C. Heath and Company, and published by Lexington Books.

1988 Oct: This appears to be three papers from various journals republished by someone for the Tobacco Institute. It is labled - the quarterly which has published the first monograph "Social Cost, Rent Seeking and Smoking: A Public Choice Perspective", by Robert D Tollison and Richard E Wagner of the Center for Study of Public Choice, GMU.

The war on tobacco is being waged on two fronts, one medical and one economic The medical front is filled with the images of war: of a continually spiraling body count along with many other smokers left with diminished physical capacities. The economic front is naturally less dramatic for it attempts to reduce the castulties of war to some dollar magnitude. What results is an effort to measure the social cost of smoking. The idea behind such measures is to construct some meaningful metric that can personalize the health toll thought to be exacted by tobacco.

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    1991 May 30: Leslie Dawson and James Saverese appear to have joined Powell Adams & Rinehard, a subsidiary of Ogilvy & Mather, who have taken over the economist network. Robert and Anna Tollison's names appears not to be mentioned from this poinr on in regards to the day-to-day operations of the economists cash-for-comments network — although the Center for Study of Public Choice at GMU was still involved.