Directed, Produced, Screenwritten by Robin Scovill

Other Side of Aids Redux (Ws Dol)

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Robin Scovill : writer | director

Robin Scovill talks with us about his controversial documentary film, 'The Other Side of AIDS'. We are also joined by AIDS Truth Activist Christine Maggiore.

What’s surprising and reassuring is that not only has Maggiore’s spirit survived so far intact, but that she has found widespread support in her own community. One pillar is of course her husband, Robin Scoville, whose film, The Other Side of AIDS, remains one of the best and most accessible exposes of all that has turned rotten in this particular state of science.

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    David and Christine discuss "Retro", a recent episode of the prime time TV show, "Law & Order Special Victim's Unit", in which a false version of Christine's life is used to send a supposedly true message about AIDS. Special guests include Robin Scovill, Christine's real life husband of 12 years whose inexplicable HIV negative status causes him to be eliminated from fictionalized portrayals of his family as well as from most factual news articles. Also joining the show is Michael Ellner a hypnosis educator who calls television and movies "the most effective means for hypnosis". News items include the use of voodoo priests to promote testing and treatment in Haiti, a 26% death rate found among Africans after starting HAART and a look at the Goudge inquiry, Canada's investigation into pathological misconduct by a top coroner.

    At the beginning of the show David and Christine discuss how AIDS researchers are trying to enroll voodoo priests in Haiti to encourage HIV testing and treatment but how the experience with treatment in one site in Africa has been a 26% death rate in the first year after starting drugs. Christine wonders how it can be that this massive death rate, which would be call for a drug recall in other domains, is always explained away or ignored with AIDS drugs. They finish the news segment with a discussion of Canadian pathologist Charles Smith who put many parents and other caregivers in jail by blaming a child's death on them, decisions that have almost all been overturned by other experts.

    Episode 9: Retro Special Victims Unit

    Summary of the Law & Order SVU episode 'Retro'

    People around the planet can be Extreme Judgementalists, In the case of Anyone diagnosed "HIV Positive" anything that happens to them is automatically diagnosed "AID$" although AIDS is not a disease, legitimate $yndrome nor even a classic "Immune Deficiency".. AIDS is a phony medical construct that most of the population are fixated on.

    Christine Maggiore expressed this fact about the phony Syndrome, "AIDS" all through her legacy, she even said: "I can get hit by a bus or a meteor, and they will define my death as "AIDS" and they have! and they still do!

    Christine Maggiore and her daughter were claimed to have "died of AIDS", this blatant denial of a clever name-tag makes it easier for vicious people to slander and spread lies, even when the facts have slapped them in the face. We monitor the comments made about Christine Maggiore & Her Daughter Eliza Jane Scovill so that you can see for yourself how group conformity is taken over societies by a Nazi mindset. Christine and Eliza Jane died not die of "AIDS", in fact, NO ONE HAS EVER DIED OF AIDS, The American made CDC Medical construct.

    Robin Scovill has been associated with three companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a three year period with the most recent being incorporated thirteen years ago in May of 2003. Zero of the companies are still active while the remaining three are now listed as inactive.