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Rodney Yee's Complete Yoga for Beginner's


Yoga 25 minutes workout For Beginners with Rodney Yee

How can you stop doing and simply be? How would you benefit from more stillness in your life? Be inspired by my conversation with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee on "Being Yoga."

Just right for mornings when you're short on time. Rodney Yee guides you through a full-body scan, helping you set a soothing tone for your day.

Desk Yoga: Rodney Yee’s Relaxation Break

Watch Rodney Yee talking about CLEAN

Strengthen, balance and revitalize your body and mind with these morning and evening practices. Face your day with more focus and energy with A.M. Energize. Wake up to the gentle waves of the ocean and rising warmth of the sun as Rodney Yee takes you through a morning practice to center, enliven and balance mind and body.

Rodney Yee and his wife, Colleen Saidman reveal why the difficulties in your closest relationships is rooted in the things you don't understand about yourself and why your partner holds the key to expanding your perception of yourself.