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Viva Paper Towels, Choose-a-Size, Big Roll, 1 Count


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You have solved a pondering I have had for a couple months. The grocery store down the street sells these only they have the danish cream cheese topping on them or apple filling or strawberry…… I’ve wanted to make it for us but couldn’t figure out how to get a cinnamon roll that big. The ones at the store are 12 inches so I’ll have some experimenting to do. 🙂 Thanks again.

Bill Haley’s cover 4 months later became a Cat-5 monster hit and gave Big Joe Turner great crossover press. The 1919 song with the same name was about shooting dice... But Big Joe’s version was all about passion and sex. Big Joe Turner and Bill Haley later became close friends and even toured together in Australia in 1957. One of the all-time most influential songs ever created… SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL by BIG JOE TURNER.

Roll On Big Mama Lyrics - Joe Stampley

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