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Rubik's Speed Cube Pro Pack Game

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Rubik's SPEED Cube Review - YouTube

I have known how to solve the cube for years now and have only used the official cube. I didn’t start adding about speed until recently and plan to learn different methods soon. I would like to stay name brand for no real reason haha. What are your guy’s opinions on the new rubiks brand speed cube. I’ve seen a few video reviews and it seems good. Also my record time is 1:29 I avg when going for speed about 1:40 I am an inaccurate turner and I feel corner cutting should help. My current cubes are base model non lubed stickered and non adjustable tensions. Any thoughts?

So I have a rubiks brand speedcube and I want something better. I need one that’s fast, yet smooth and controllable while being reasonably quiet(my dad hates the sound) also I want 0 popping and decent corner cutting

Doesn't turn the greatest, but it's very durable

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