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Through sacred love making rituals we celebrate the union of our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.

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Sacred Love-Making


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This sensitive, discreet, and beautifully filmed DVD on the Taoist art of love features Karinna Kittles-Karsten, author of the best-selling book Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love and a certified Taoist educator, who apprenticed under world-renowned Eastern masters, including Mantak Chia. Here, she teaches sacred lovemaking to two obviously affectionate and thoroughly average couples — one married for four years, and the other for twenty years — who candidly discuss their concerns and hopes for their intimate relationships, and then share what the new techniques have brought them.

Intimate Discussions, Fit for Love Exercises, Ancient Love Rituals, Intimacy Enhancing Meditations, Sacred Lovemaking Practices, Transformational Writing and Artwork. Western principals, mythology, and ancient Taoist methods are all utilized.

Sacred Love-Making - Kino Lorber Theatrical

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    Om Kama Pujitayei Namaha (sacred love making)
    Salutations to divine worship in the form of love making.
    You can use this mantra to bring more sacredness into love-making.
    Chanting it with each other before the act of love making will bring a
    whole new quality - honouring each other as the goddesses and gods we are.

    Tantra is Transformational; teaching us to be open to experience more pleasure, to connect with the divine within us and the divine within our partner. When we apply Tantric principles to our relationship with our beloved, we make LOVE our top priority. We focus on heightening and prolonging that special rapport that exists between lovers during lovemaking. We elevate love making beyond the physical act to a spiritual experience. Through sacred love making rituals we celebrate the union of our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits. Every act of love represents divine union. The more we release the limitations of fear, the deeper we can open into the consciousness of love. The spiritual part of tantra is to use your sexual energy to merge ecstatically with your partner and through him or her to become one with the cosmos or god.