(Book 74 in the Saddle Club series)

Horse Crazy (Saddle Club(R))


Bryant, book 1 in the saddle club series of horse and pony stories

Bonnie Bryant is the author of nearly a hundred books about horses, including the Saddle Club series, Saddle Club Super Editions, and the Pony Tales series.

The saddle club series by Bonnie Bryant. Stories about horse loving friends Carol , Stephie and Lisa and the adventures they get into. I think these books are best for horse lovers around the globe

The saddle club series by Bonnie Bryant

horsegirl727 More than 1 year ago
Growing up as a girl in love with horses, I read every horse book I could find. The Saddle Club series was my favorite! I could not wait for a new book to come out with a new adventure with Carole, Lisa, and Stevie. These books are so good for young girls. Definitely recommend!

The Saddle Club Series 1 Part 1 (DVD) | Grainger Games

Kidzworld reviews the books in The Saddle Club series. If you're a horse lover, you'll definitely want to check out these great novels for young girls.

I am 25 years old, and I watch plenty of shows that are age appropriate for me. Some of my must-watchs are "How I Met your Mother", "Monk" and the new Sci-fi remake "V". When they were still on the air I loved "Veronica Mars" and "Arrested Development". Despite a very strong previous hatred for it, lately I've come to appreciate how smart and funny "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is. That all being said, I can't help but enjoy several shows meant for pre-teen and early teenage girls. I'm guilty of watching all three "High School Musical" movies and the "Hannah Montana" movie and wholeheartedly enjoying them. Another of these guilty pleasures is the Saddle Club TV series.