Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 8-inch Product Specifications:

ChenYang Micro USB Female - 30pin for sam sung galaxy tab P7310 7500 7510 6200 adapter WH

Too low to display

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 – Screen

I find this issue off-putting, but otherwise the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2's screen is good. The colours are fairly accurate and well-saturated and brightness is good.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2's processor varies between models. The 4G/3G version uses the Snapdragon 800 chip while the Wi-Fi-only model has the Exynos 5 5420 eight-core CPU.

Here are the full specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310

  • strauss44 Reply

    Received my Android 6.0.1 today in Canada, via broadband cable from Shaw cable, then by inhouse WiFi to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It installed without incident and all apps appear to work fine. Only about six Apps needed updating, and did so on next rebot. All I can tell is essentially cosmetic changes. It does appear that browsers Opera and Firefox run slightly faster. But why the downgrade of the Samsung boot-splash text from color to black/white?

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    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 (16gb) on sale for $180 and at first was disappointed that I could not move my downloaded Amazon Prime videos to my SD card but thanks to the Marshmallow update that is fixed. Great tablet especially compared to my Amazon Fire 7.

    Its screen is also not immediately all that impressive to my eyes. Like the Note 12.2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 uses a PenTile subpixel array that uses an additional white subpixel to offer greater screen brightness and power efficiency.