Sarah Dessen books :) love them all!

just listen. definitely one of my favorite sarah dessen books.

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Sarah Dessen books :) love them all

Last year I read my very first Sarah Dessen book Saint Anything. I loved it and continued to look for more book by Sarah Dessen! Out of all her books the synopsis of Just Listen appealed to me the most. Which is why I decided to read this before the rest of my Sarah Dessen books. I am happy to say that I enjoyed it!

Lovely interview, Wendy! I’m glad that she could take the time to write the book she really wanted and felt that was right!
I haven’t read any Sarah Dessen books, so if you had to recommend one for me to read this summer? Which one would it be?

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KinaCN More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge Sarah Dessen fan but this book left me feeling like, I don't know, just not very pleased. I usually find her books very relatable but this book just wasn't even though the book itself was pretty ok. Just not up to par with most Sarah Dessen books.

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Um, so this was what I had waited for all this time? This is nothing like the other Sarah Dessen books. I mean, I feel like I just read a whole lot of nothing. I really didn't care about Ruby at all! Nope. I mean I was expecting some heart clenching love story. I mean the book is entitled lock and key--I didn't think it was literal. It had its good points. But the whole plot and thing were just dragged out so horribly, I waned to stop reading.