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You can contact Sarah Kay at or like her Facebook page.

“Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay, both in their mid-20s, are established spoken word poets in America… As the power duo hit our shores this April, [TimeOut Singapore] catches up with them to find out what slam poetry is really all about.”

“At just 24, spoken word poet, Sarah Kay’s CV is intimidating, diverse and thankfully shows no sign of slowing down. Quixote’s Cove Bookshop and Word Warriors, in collaboration with the US Embassy brought over Sarah Kay for a week long poetry extravaganza which included workshops, performances, interaction programs and school/college tours last month. WAVE caught up with Sarah during her whirlwind tour and got her talking about spoken word poetry and its growing popularity.”

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Sarah Kay (not available) by Eule22, via Flickr

“Sarah, beautiful and effervescent, held the packed audience in a rapturous embrace. From watching her perform at TED or the myriad videos on YouTube, there are a few things that a viewer can’t quite tell. First, that she’s tall. Then, that this 23-year-old commands the stage with effortless confidence, exuding charm and spirit. But what does come across through video and in person is that her poems are so much persona, bravado, experience and emotion. There are matters of little import to others and yet, the way she tells it, she could very well be narrating the end of the world. She spoke and in speaking, gave advice. Her metaphors were insights, the melody her voice.
Walking away, there was something intangible in the air, as if struck with something too incomprehensible to behold. Maybe this is what poetry does. Walking away, men and women, girls and boys, I think we all fell in love with Sarah Kay.”

“What makes Sarah Kay such a dynamic, interesting, and intriguing person? Perhaps it’s her colourful upbringing. Or her poems. Or the compelling way in which she delivers those poems… Whatever our reason for being fascinated with her, there’s no denying that hers is a name that has been heard all over the globe.”