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Young Widow: A Memoir

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Sarah Wauterlek Pierson specializes in travel photography

Sarah Wauterlek and Tania Martin started The Traveler’s Gift, a travel company that pairs luxury with purpose-filled excursions. Learn more about their story and what inspired them.

My name is Sarah Wauterlek, and I am a thirty-something single woman who realizes that life is short and often unpredictable. This realization has therefore created within me an unquenchable thirst for every moment of every day. I want to experience life to the fullest. So, in order to fully live the life that I believe God intends for us to live, I choose to follow where the path leads by saying yes to the opportunities and moments set before me.

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    I would describe myself as a travel enthusiast, photographer, runner, foodie, writer, teacher, adventure-seeker, lover of laughter, lover of people, and lover of life. Raised in Minnesota, having spent five years in Chicago, I now currently reside in Los Angeles when not traveling the globe with my company Travelers Gift Vacations or for Sarah Wauterlek Photography. As I’ve traveled around the world experiencing challenging but fulfilling non-profit work as well as luxury travel, I’ve learned to find contentment in the balance of both. Now, I desire for other travelers to experience it for themselves as they experiment with, and ultimately find, the balance of giving and receiving in their own life.

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